Artist Statement

Like many artists before me, I am inspired by color. I love the way it can evoke a certain mood or feeling. Often I use bright colors to express a sense of energy and delight – and softer colors to express a sense of calm and reflection. In my mind, there’s a color (or many!) for every mood and season.

I try to instill a sense of movement and freedom to all of my work and am interested in exploring images that present themselves as both delicate and strong. Working abstractly, I am drawn to themes of home and the natural world, places where one can find comfort.

My mixed media work is influenced by Matisse’s cutouts – I love his expressive forms and the use of positive and negative shapes (those shapes made by absence). Using acrylic paint is appealing to me because it dries quickly and allows the opportunity to experiment, layer, and let the artwork evolve.

When I create a series, I think of it as a family. All of the pieces are related to one another, yet each one is unique, with its own story to tell. Then the challenge is to bring each one into its full potential!

--Katie Weaver

*Artwork on this page has been sold.

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